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If you're interested in having Michael "Coach Win" Wynn as a Key Note Speaker, Trainer, or Panel Moderator at your next event, please provide information below. Check out my frequently asked questions below for potential clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions I commonly ask when approached for an event or coaching

What type of event are you planning?

Understanding the type of event helps Michael tailor his approach to suit the occasion. Different events, such as corporate retreats, educational seminars, or personal development workshops, have unique atmospheres and expectations. Knowing the event type allows Michael to prepare content that resonates with the audience and aligns with the event's overall vibe and objectives.

What specific topic or theme are you looking to address with the keynote speech or coaching session?

This question is crucial for Michael to pinpoint the client's needs and expectations. It allows him to develop a focused and relevant message that addresses the specific challenges, interests, or growth areas of the audience. Customizing his speech or coaching session around a particular theme ensures that the content is impactful and provides value to those attending.

What is the desired outcome or goal for the audience or participants?

Knowing the desired outcome or goal is essential for Michael to craft his sessions in a way that guides the audience towards achieving those ends. Whether the client aims for motivational uplift, skill enhancement, mindset shifts, or team cohesion, understanding the goal helps Michael structure his delivery to maximize effectiveness and ensure the audience leaves with actionable insights or changed perspectives.

What is your preferred date and duration for the engagement?

Michael needs to know the preferred date and duration to ensure his availability and tailor the content appropriately for the allotted time. Whether it's a concise, impactful talk or an in-depth, interactive coaching session, knowing the timing allows Michael to pace his delivery and cover topics in a way that best fits the schedule, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive experience for participants.