Meet Michael Wynn

Michael D. Wynn, aka "Coach Win" is a compassionate and innovative individual dedicated to empowering others to achieve victory. Michael is a proud native Detroiter and CEO of Coach Win, LLC, a professional development company.

Michael serves as a Habit Success Strategist, Financial Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author. Inspired to make a difference, he holds certifications as an authenticity coach, financial literacy trainer, and fraud examiner.

One Sheet

My Experience


Michael holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and has training at the International Casino Gaming Institute, specializing in Casino Audit. Additionally, he is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Financial Literacy Trainer, Certified Grant Management Professional, Certified Authenticity Coach, and a Licensed Builder. Continuously advancing his skills, Michael undergoes various training courses and engages in ongoing professional development to bolster his role as a Habit Success Strategist.

Work Experience

Michael boasts extensive experience in financial and business compliance, cultivated through years of service with governmental agencies, financial firms, organizations, and construction contractors. The majority of his illustrious career spans 25 years with the State of Michigan, where he worked across three distinct departments: Transportation, Treasury, and Education. Throughout his tenure, Michael conducted financial audits and oversaw compliance reviews, managing expenditures exceeding $22 billion in federal, state, and local funding.


Michael's triumph over a significant obstacle ignited his passion to discuss the profound impact of habits. What distinguishes Michael as a leader in his domain? He designs a Habit Matrix tailored to a transformative path for an individual or business. Furthermore, his genuine voice provides engaging, thought-provoking, and motivational guidance, underpinned by the firm conviction that "Your Habits Will Determine Your Level of Success."


Michael's breakthrough victory uniquely qualified him for the authorship of two bestselling books: "Habits Don’t Lie! - 7 Habits To Overcome Obstacles To Win" and "The Habit Effect - Your Life, Your Money." He was proudly featured on many media outlets, and he was the recipient of many accolades including an Outstanding Financial Literacy Award for having written articles on financial literacy and habits.